No. Stop. Like this. Okay, do it again. Giving directions to her past self and her friend Rachel as if the director of a play, Caroline desperately tries to change the past as she is forced to come to terms with what really happened at school.

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    "Again, again. We have to do it again. Do it again."


    Cameron Thiesing

    Undo, Redo

    Playwright's Bio

    Cameron Thiesing (she/her) is a playwright from Louisville, Kentucky. She is a senior at duPont Manual Highschool in the Math, Science, and Technology Program. She plans to study Computer Science at Johns Hopkins University where she will be a member of the varsity field hockey team. She plans to continue with her hobby of playwriting in college. She has had her plays TARG(ET) and THE SPACESHIP produced by the Youth Performing Arts School student run festival: New Works.


    When did you start writing? What/who are some of the major influences on your writing?

    I got introduced to playwriting when I took my Introduction to Theater class freshman year. My older friend Addison convinced me to take a playwriting class the next year and I fell in love. I've taken a playwriting class every year since. She was definitely a major influence to me, reading her plays and seeing some of them performed inspired me to write my ideas down and follow in my footsteps. My teachers Brian Hinds and Jane Jones were also great mentors throughout my playwriting career and have reshaped the way that I look at stories and how I write. Playwriting helps me get all of my ideas on paper and its something I am forever grateful that I discovered.

    How did you come to write your #ENOUGH play? Given that there are many dimensions to the issue of gun violence, what aspect did you focus on and why?

    My #Enough play was the merging of two big ideas that I'd had in my head. My teacher first introduced us to the contest at the beginning of the school year and I instantly knew that I wanted to do something addressing the issue of school shootings. Being a student in high school I definitely payed more attention to the news reports that I felt were coming more and more often and found myself noticing the topic being discussed all around me by peers, in class and at lunch. It felt like an issue that I could and should speak on, so I did. I began doing research and found many quotes and stories that really hit me, and decided that I would write my play surrounding the survivors guilt often felt by the surviving victims of school shootings. Around the same time I had the idea of having the stage directions be a character. I thought that having a character who would attempt to move other characters around in order to change the outcome of the play would really emphasize the theatricality of the piece. And from there, the ideas merged. It resulted in a play that is both captivating and really examines the lasting events such a traumatic experience can have on surviving victims.

    If you could write a play or story that represented the future you want to be a part of, what would it look like?

    It would definitely be something futuristic or sci-fi. I love the idea of innovation, of peoples minds and ideas melding together to help make the world a better place. Of putting all of our greatest inventions together and creating something even better that we didn't know we could make. But the story would also be one of inclusion. Where people learn that no matter where we come from, what we believe, who we love, were all humans on this earth surrounded by years and years of Universe. That great things can happen and will happen when we learn to love and accept one another. Also I would get rid of climate change.

    What are some of your favorite plays?

    I fell in love with Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett in freshman year. The play is just so beautifully nonsensical that it captivates my imagination. I could spend hours pouring over the text and analyzing it. The Women in Black adapted by Stephen Mallatratt is another one of my favorites. It really plays with the things you are able to do with a play and was simply a really captivating and enjoyable read.

    What will your next play be about?

    Well now that I've answered the question about how I would write the future I want to be a part of I am really inspired to write a sci-fi play about acceptance and inclusion. However the idea that I have had in my head centers around a girl and her dog on a cross country road trip as she chases down aliens and comes to terms with the way others view her. Or something that takes place in a post apocalyptic world. It changes everyday.

    What do you want to see done about gun violence right now?

    Truthfully, like any other issue in the world, gun violence must be stopped at the root cause. Stricter gun laws are needed in this country to prevent these tragedies from happening. More requirements to own a gun, stricter mental health and background screenings, greater regulation of the black market. I understand that people would like to retain their rights to keep guns. That doesn't mean that they should be easy for anyone to get because that is what causes these problems to occur most often than not. Additionally, for school shootings especially, students should receive more mental health support.

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    An exciting way of explaining how hard it is to prevent this from happening. I like to think that any drill experience will not save many lives. But this is our reality, and calling it out this way makes perfect sense. 

    Activist & #ENOUGH panelist

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