Told from the gun’s perspective, IN MY SIGHTS follows the “life” of a gun, from its creation and adoption by a loving couple, to its theft and use in a shooting, exploring how even well-intentioned gun owners can find their weapons embroiled in violent crime.


    "So. I think you're all curious. About MY point of view. How the gun feels, not just the person pulling the trigger."


    Tain Leonard-Peck 

    In My Sights

    Playwright's Bio

    Tain Leonard-Peck (he/him) writes plays, poetry, short stories, and creative nonfiction, and is completing his first novel. He is from West Tisbury, MA. He is an actor, monologist, and model. He paints and composes music, and is a competitive sailor, skier, and fencer. He is involved in community organizing, promoting access to literature, furthering sustainable energy use, and providing animal therapy. He is a judge for several literary journals and writing competitions, and is listed in Poets & Writers Directory. He won the first place Poetry Fellowship to the MVICW, and won Honorable Mention for the Creators of Literary Justice Award, by IHRAF. Several of his plays have been published/produced, and his play, GUEST OF HONOR, was a finalist for the LGBTQ+ Fresh Fruit Festival. His work has been published in literary journals, including the 2020 Anthology of Youth Writing on Human Rights & Social Justice, Another Chicago Journal, and others. He appeared in "Night Of Too Many Cages," a livestream for Artists Striving to End Poverty (ASTEP). He has cave-dwelled, shark-dived, and not been defenestrated by a temperamental donkey named William Shakespeare. He thinks the world is a place of wonders. He is frequently bitten by geese.


    Amazing. The reality behind gun violence, explained first hand. Great Job! Bravo. I love this play.

    Activist & #ENOUGH panelist

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