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    Getting Started Toolkit

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    This 25 page resource is for both first time playwrights and experienced young writers. It includes:

    • A road map for writing your #ENOUGH play

    • Writing prompts to help spark the creative process

    • Pro tips from professional playwrights

    • Gun violence statistics and other resources

    • Full submission guidelines, project timeline, posters to print and display at school and more! 

    Educator Facilitation Toolkit

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    This companion toolkit for educators included additional resources and lesson plans geared towards bringing #ENOUGH to the classroom.

    Writing Pro Tips

    Follow the advice from some of the award-winning playwrights working with #ENOUGH. Let their passion and inspiration fuel your work!



    Further Reading

    Resources from our Getting Started Toolkit, reprinted here for your browsing convenience!




    The Soul Box Project collects and exhibits thousands of hand-folded origami boxes to raise awareness of the U.S. gunfire epidemic. Each Soul Box holds space for one life lost or injured by gun violence, defense, accident or suicide. Participants MAKE A BOX  to hold space for a life lost or torn apart by gun violence and SEND IT IN to join thousands of Soul Boxes in public exhibits where the number of victims is seen and felt. 


    My Last Will #ENOUGH sponsor Change the Ref teams up with Brady United's Team ENOUGH to solicit young people to write their last will and testament in the event of their death by gun violence and urges senators to pass stronger gun laws to end America's surging gun violence epidemic. 

    #ENOUGH is proud to highlight the following ARTIVISM (art + activism) projects also confronting gun violence. Deepen your #ENOUGH experience and broaden your community's engagement by exploring these innovative responses to gun violence.


    Mental Health Resources

    Writing about such heavy material can be hard and draining. Make sure to check in with how you are feeling and take breaks if necessary to keep yourself as emotionally healthy as possible. Here are some resources to keep in your pocket for yourself or others.


    Team Enough - List of Mental Health Resources 

    This is a helpful compilation of resources for suicide prevention and crisis intervention. Below are a few of the links available on that list.


    5 Action Steps For Helping Someone In Emotional Pain


    Coping Tips for Traumatic Events and Disasters


    Strength After A resource for disaster survivors.


    National Suicide Prevention Lifeline  Online Resources for loss survivors.


    Worried about a friend? Be proactive – use this resource to anonymously get someone the help they need.

    National Suicide Hotline

    1-800-273-TALK (8255) or Text 741741


    Disaster Distress Helpline



    Teen Line: 

    1-800-TLC-TEEN (852-8336) or Text TEEN to 839863