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    APRIL 20, 2022

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    #ENOUGH will be performed in a ground-breaking series of readings staged simultaneously in multiple cities nationwide on the same evening.

    We invite YOUR theatre, school, college, or organization to produce a reading of this year's #ENOUGH plays in your community on April 20, 2022, the 23-year remembrance of the shootings at Columbine.

    It's time for ALL communities to have conversations about gun violence and for this generation to lead them. Join us in an evening of reflection, critical dialogue, and inspired action.

    Participation in the #ENOUGH Nationwide Reading is FREE. Readings can be in-person or digital.


    To get involved or for more information, email enoughplays@gmail.com


    Apr. 20











    Have a question we don't address below? Please email us and we'll be happy to help!


    ABOUT THE PLAYS I: Do I have to perform all the plays #ENOUGH selects?

    The plays that are chosen by our Selection Committee are chosen in part because they are in conversation with one another. Our goal is to present 6-8 stories that look at gun violence through multiple lenses because beyond always being tragic, gun violence does not impact any two communities the same; whether the community is defined geographically, ethnicity, religious views, economics, or sexual orientation/identity. This is why producing all the plays we provide is important - because each are a piece of a much larger picture that we need to paint when it comes to understanding gun violence in America.

    TIMELINE: What's the timeline for Nationwide Reading Producers (NPRs)?

    Here is a rough outline for Nationwide Reading Producers (NPRs) from the time the #ENOUGH winners are announced to the Nationwide Reading (subject to change): Mid-January, 2022 - This year's plays announced; casting requirements and initial drafts sent to NPRs. January / February 2022 - Playwright Workshops - plays developed and scripts undergo revisions. March 1, 2022 - Revised scripts sent to NPRs, including reading order. Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr '22 - TBA virtual monthly meet-up opportunities for NPRs to receive updates (including script revisions), ask questions, and swap ideas about their readings. Planned session topics include a chance to connect with the playwrights and a workshop on planning your community engagement pieces. April 20, 2022 - #ENOUGH Nationwide Reading.

    DEADLINE + SIGNING-UP: How do we sign-up? Is there a deadline to sign-up?

    We encourage potential NPRs to indicate their intent to join the Nationwide Reading as soon as possible, so that we can keep them up to date. Letting us know before March 1, 2022, but it is not a hard cut-off date. We will continue approving groups in the weeks leading up to the Nationwide Reading. Indicate your organization’s interest on the GET INVOLVED page and we’ll be in touch. OR you can email us directly: enoughplays@gmail.com.

    ELIGIBILITY: Who can produce a reading?

    Middle schools. High schools. Theatre companies of all sizes. Community organizations. Faith-based groups. We're open and excited for you to bring #ENOUGH to your community! (Eligibility is at the full discretion of #ENOUGH.)

    COST: Does it cost anything to be a part of the Nationwide Reading?

    We know that there may be costs on your end if you choose to join us for the Nationwide Reading, in terms of time, labor, etc. Here's the beauty of #ENOUGH: We will never charge you a penny! We will provide a license of the play to you, supply social media and marketing assets, and provide you with a Facilitation and Discussion Guide for free.

    DURATION: What is the length of the event?

    Plan for a 90-100 minute evening of theatre - which would include eight 10-minute plays with time to transition between pieces. For a post show discussion, the length is up to you. We imagine 30-45 minutes is ideal if you are immediately following your performance.

    ADMISSION: Can we charge admission?

    Yes, you may. HOWEVER we strongly encourage that you raise money towards the fight to end gun violence through accessible tickets or donation. Choose a local organization that could benefit from your donations or national anti-gun violence organization. If you want suggestions, please contact us!

    DIGITAL READINGS: Can our reading be virtual/digital (i.e. Zoom)?

    Though we expect we can return to in-person readings for our next Nationwide Reading, there is a lot of value and merit to doing a virtual reading (i.e. cost, accessibility, ability to reach a wider audience). So, yes! We will be open to this as an option in 2022.

    RESOURCES: What resources will you provide?

    In addition to the PDF of the scripts and any revisions, will provide a Facilitation and Discussion Guide to accompany the reading, as well as a Google Folder that will contain social media images, a format for a press release, and templates for digital posters / flyers.

    FORMAT: What's a staged reading?

    Great question! They can be very simple. The usual format goes something like this: actors sit on stage with their script. When it's their turn to speak, actors read from their scripts on a music stand. Staging is very minimal to nonexistent. Technical requirements are usually pretty low and are sometimes as simple as "lights up, lights down." Usually a staged reading involves a few rehearsals. You're free to approach your reading as simple or complex as you'd like. If you want further tips on staged readings, go here.

    LOCAL WRITERS: If we have local writers who wrote for #ENOUGH but didn’t win, can we include their play as part of our reading?

    Yes! 100%! ALSO, let our plays inspire creative responses from your community. Whether it’s by a local visual artist, musician, dancer, or spoken word poet: let the art that we’re sharing inspire homegrown art that speaks directly to your community. Amplify your community’s part in the #ENOUGH conversation by posting these contributions to social media and tag us. We want to see what you make!

    ABOUT COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: If we have an idea for our community engagement pieces (the community dialogue or the action item) do we need to get them approved by #ENOUGH?

    While we want to know what you are doing so that we can share among other reading hosts, you don’t need our permission! As long as it’s dealing somehow with the issue of gun violence in your community and its student driven, we are thrilled with whatever awesome ideas you cook up! Every community is different, and everyone has different resources and needs. Think of #ENOUGH as a bit of a ‘choose your own adventure’. Outside of the unifying component of the reading itself, we want you to use this opportunity to come together and address YOUR community’s specific needs when it comes to gun violence. Be bold. Be brave. Kick ass.


    At the heart of this project is providing a platform for youth voices and the more young people can be at the center of planning and carrying out your reading and any connected events, the better. Consider the reading as an opportunity for the talented young people you serve to step up as leaders with your guidance. Give them ownership of the event.

    COLLABORATIONS / PARTNERSHIPS: Can we partner with another organization (theatre, school, etc.) to produce a reading?

    Yes! Reach out to us if you need help getting connected with any gun violence prevention organizations in your area.

    CASTING: What does casting look like?

    The full casting breakdown is available here. None of the plays have more than 6 characters. Last year producers were able to cast actors in multiple plays but we strongly encouraged them to cast the younger characters age-appropriately. Since our goal is to center youth in the project, don't feel required to cast your play with "professional" actors, even the adult roles. We expect producers to adhere to our playwright’s casting requirements when it comes to a character’s race/ethnicity and gender identiy when specified, and you are encouraged to cast actors of all backgrounds for all other roles. If the casting requirements pose a challenge for you, please don't let that deter you from participating. Email us your concerns: enoughplays@gmail.com

    ABOUT THE PLAYS II: How do we commit to producing a reading without knowing the plays?

    If you want/need to read the plays before you commit please email us: enoughplays@gmail.com It is a leap of faith. You are taking a chance on these young writers, that's true. And we will get the plays in your hands as soon as is possible. However, our first year proved that these writers FAR EXCEEDED what we expected their plays to be. Again and again we were told from producers and audiences across the country how impressed and moved they were by these plays. They were bold, smart, searing, sophisticated and every bit as stageworthy as you'd want them to be. Take it from Tony-award winning playwright David Henry Hwang. David served on our Selection Committee and said: "I was incredibly impressed by the skill, inventiveness, and passion of the young playwrights who contributed works for #ENOUGH. The winning plays are entertaining, insightful, and thought-provoking. Collectively, they provide proof that the future -- of our theatre and our nation -- is in good hands."

    START TIME: Does the Nationwide Reading start at a specific time?

    Our cornerstone reading in New York at Lincoln Center's David Rubenstein Atrium will kick-off at 7:30 PM EST. For those organizations who are able to, we invite them to start with us at that time. Obviously this time is not ideal for our friends on the West Coast, so we are more than OK with producers selecting a start time that makes sense for their audience.



    In addition to staging a reading of the plays, producing organizations are encouraged to deepen their conversation with their community through these two components:

    Invite your key local stakeholders - advocates and activists, artists, your mayor, city council members, alderman, your state representatives, educational leadership - to participate in a frank conversation with your audience about how gun violence impacts your community. 

    Action items can take many forms. It may be as simple as using the reading to raise money for a local gun violence prevention group. It could be writing letters to your state or local leaders. You could also identify an action item in partnership with a local advocacy group.


    Even though the pandemic kept folx from meeting in person, below is a snapshot of some of the conversations that took place around the Nationwide Reading. In addition, producing organizations wrote letters to their local state representatives, distributed advocacy material, made Soul Boxes, and signed our letter to the Biden-Harris administration.


    CONFIRMED amount raised for VARIOUS gun violence prevention organizations W/ 2020 READING



    Explore #ENOUGH winning plays and the teen playwrights who wrote them. Available for licensing through Playscripts.



    September 1 - November 1 2021

    We're calling on writers in grades 6-12 to write short plays confronting the issue of gun violence.



    April 20, 2022

    Join #ENOUGH's evening of readings staged simultaneously  across the country.