Worrying over your 18 year old son’s well being can sometimes feel like a full time job for Lisa, a widowed mother who lost her husband to gun violence. But when Jamal doesn’t text her, it may be that the day she’s feared ever since her husband died has finally arrived.

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    "... even when something went sour, something sweet would be waiting in the end."


    Taylor Lafayette

    Salted Lemonade

    Playwright's Bio

    Taylor Lafayette (she/her) is a playwright and poet from the Mississippi Delta, residing in Benoit, MS. She attends Mississippi School of the Arts as a senior literary discipline under the teachings of Mrs. Clinnesha Sibley. Taylor’s works are often inspired by creating feeling and telling stories of the black experience and romance. Through her work Taylor works to be an example of how one can become more than where they came from and she strives to be an example of Black excellence. 


    When did you start writing? What/who are some of the major influences on your writing?

    I started writing very young, but my most distinct memory is when I first wrote a song titled, “This is Me” in 5th grade. I often use writing as not only a creative outlet but an emotional one as well. I was greatly inspired by Maya Angelou growing up and Tyler Perry plays.

    How did you come to write your #ENOUGH play? Given that there are many dimensions to the issue of gun violence, what aspect did you focus on and why?

    I decided to write “Salted Lemonade” after the shooting of my 16 year-old brother. I had always known the big issue surrounding gun violence growing up as a black kid within America. But when it hit so close to home I knew I couldn’t just let an opportunity to say something pass. I chose to focus on the aspect of gun violence within communities and how the grief of losing someone to gun violence can affect a family.

    If you could write a play or story that represented the future you want to be a part of, what would it look like?

    The future I want to be apart of united and nonviolent. There would be no need for worry of fear of unhealthiness. Though this may sound cliché, this is my idea of a perfect future.

    What are some of your favorite plays?

    For Colored Girls- Ntozake Shange

    What will your next play be about?

    My next play will be about the spectrums of emotional black girls/ women go through and because of the way that most are raised the feel for their need to hide those emotions. It will be about embracing vulnerability within the black community.

    What do you want to see done about gun violence right now?

    I would like to see stricter gun laws put in place in order to purchase guns.

    Get to Know Taylor


    What a compassionate drama. I could hear the authenticity in the voices. The characters were all distinct and the dialogue felt natural. It was a pleasure to read.

    Playwright & #ENOUGH panelist

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