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    Updated 12/20/2020


    How can we read the winning plays?

    Now that we've had our Nationwide Reading, the winning play of 2020 are going to be published by Playscripts. Details TBA as we get closer to their publication in 2021, but licensing for future performances/readings will go through Playscripts.

    Are you a non-profit? Do you accept DONATIONS?

    #ENOUGH is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the charitable purposes of #ENOUGH must be made payable to “Fractured Atlas” only and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. The link to donations is

    Is #ENOUGH the official project of any specific gun safety / anti-gun violence organization?

    We are not. While we look forward to participating with organizations seeking to end gun violence, #ENOUGH is an independent project.

    Does my school or organization need to submit plays in order to participate in the reading? & Do we need to participate in the reading to submit plays?

    While we'd love for you to participate in both, you don't have to.

    Are you looking for PARTNERSHIPS with other organizations?

    Yes! Head over to this page to get in touch.

    Hey, wait a second, who are you guys again?

    Hello stranger! Head over here to meet us.


    Call for Submissions

    What are the rules for submission? Full rules for submission can be found here.

    When will you begin accepting submissions? Play submissions were accepted in #ENOUGH's first call for submissions from January 1, 2020 to June 20, 2020.


    When will submissions be accepted again? Round 2 will take place in Fall 2021, dates TBA. Sign up to received updates.

    How do I Submit Plays? Submissions are accepted online. [SUBMISSION WINDOW FOR 2020 NOW CLOSED]

    What are the basic GUIDELINES? 

    Plays must address the topic of gun violence.*

    Completed scripts must be no longer than 10 minutes when read aloud.

    Scripts may have up to, but no more than six (6) characters. [SPEAKING ROLES]

    Plays must be the original work of a single author. Collaborative works or adaptations won’t be considered, nor will plays that include music, lyrics, or dialogue written by any-one other than the submitting author.
    Writer may submit more than one play for consideration. Any submission must be previously unpublished.
    Writer must be in 6-12 grade at the time of submission.

    How will the finalists and winners be chosen?  Once the Call for Submission period has ended, a group of theatre professionals will read all of the plays submitted and name a group of 20 finalists. Those 20 plays will be read by the #ENOUGH Selection Committee, a group of award-winning and nationally recognized playwrightsThey will then select the winning plays to be read in #ENOUGH Nationwide Reading and give personal feedback to the young authors of those plays.

    How many winners will there be?  There will be 6-8 winning plays selected. 

    What did the winning playwrights of 2020 receive? All winners will:




    Written feedback by a member of the Finalist Selection Committee. 

    Their play read all across the country for the #ENOUGH Nationwide Reading on December 14, 2020.

    Their play published in an anthology of #ENOUGH plays.


    What's the Getting Started Toolkit? The Getting Started Toolkit is a 40 page resource for student writers and their educators including writing prompts, road maps for the writing processes, and sources of facts on gun violence in the US. You can download it here.

    Still have a question? Email us and we'll be happy to help answer it!

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    Nationwide Reading

    NOTE: Info below is for the 2020 Nationwide Reading. Info about the next Nationwide Reading will be TBD.


    We've tried to cover a lot of ground with the below FAQ. The link to the info sheet below will answer a lot of the more common questions.

    View and download the Nationwide Reading Info Sheet (Google Doc)

    What is the Nationwide Reading? #ENOUGH is making this collection of plays available for free to any theatre, school, college, or community organization to produce a reading on December 14th along with dozens of other groups across the country . These readings can be streamed virtually or held in-person wherever that is possible and safe. Your participation in the #ENOUGH Nationwide Reading with local artists is an opportunity for your community to confront gun violence. In addition to staging a reading of the plays, we’re asking producing organizations to deepen the conversation these two COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT components: 


    CREATE AN OPPORTUNITY FOR DIALOGUE  Host a post-show virtual discussion on gun violence. Invite your key local stakeholders - advocates and activists, artists, your mayor, city council members, aldermen, your state representatives, educational leadership - to participate in a frank conversation for your audience about how gun violence impacts your community.


    COMMIT TO AN ACTION ITEM  Allow our plays to inspire meaningful action in your community. Action items can have many forms. It may be as simple using the reading as a fundraiser for a local anti-gun violence group. Your action item could also meet the unique needs of your community when it comes to gun violence. Seek out a local advocacy group or team up with other local organizations and brainstorm your community-specific action item together. 

    When is the reading? The #ENOUGH Nationwide Reading will be held on December 14, 2020 - the 8-year remembrance of Sandy Hook.


    Who can produce a reading? Middle and high schools. Theatre companies. Community organizations. Faith-based groups. Pretty much everybody!

    Can our reading be virtual/digital (i.e. Zoom)? Yes! The agreement will spell out the conditions for doing your reading virtually.

    Does cost anything to produce in the reading? We will never charge you a penny. The finalist plays and Facilitation / Discussion Guide  will be made available to you for free.

    How do we confirm that we will produce a reading? If you’ve already indicated that you were planning to produce a reading prior to September 1st, you will receive an agreement via email. Otherwise you can indicate your organization’s interest on the website and we’ll send you a link to the agreement. OR you can email us directly:


    FAQs on Reading LOGISTICS...

    How long will the reading be? We suggest planning for an 80-90 minute evening of theatre - seven 10-minute plays with time to transition between pieces. For a post show discussion, the length is up to you. We imagine 30-45 minutes is ideal if you are immediately following your performance.

    Can we charge admission? Yes, you may. HOWEVER we strongly encourage that you raise money towards the fight to end gun violence through accessible tickets or donation. Choose a local organization that could benefit from your donations or national anti-gun violence organization.

    What time should I plan my reading? The short answer is: whatever time make it possible for your to participate in doing a reading on 12/14/20.  The longer answer is that this project takes inspiration from Tectonic Theatre’s The Laramie Project Ten Years Later Project when all of their 150+ nationwide readings started at the same time across the country. So if the reading was at 8pm EST, it was 7pm CST, etc. This is something we may try to do as well. However, one of our partner theatres wants to do the reading during the school day at a local school, and we think that's a pretty awesome idea as well. If during the school day works better for you, great! At a later point we'll be checking in with all reading hosts to get the details about their readings.

    What's a staged reading? Good question! They can be very simple. The usual format goes something like this: actors sit on stage with their script. When it's their turn to speak, actors read from their scripts on a music stand. Staging is very minimal to nonexistent. Technical requirements are usually pretty low and are sometimes as simple as "lights up, lights down." Usually a staged reading involves a few rehearsals. You're free to approach your reading as simple or complex as you'd like. If you want further tips on staged readings, go here.  

    What resources will you provide? In addition to the PDF of the scripts and any revisions, will provide a Facilitation and Discussion Guide to accompany the reading, as well as a Google Folder that will contain social media images, a format for a press release, and templates for digital posters / flyers.

    FAQs on PLAYS for the Reading...


    What are the plays? Learn about the plays and the playwrights HERE!

    Do I have to do all seven plays or can we pick or choose? The plays were chosen to be in conversation with each other. When you sign up to host a Nationwide Reading you are signing up to read all seven plays.

    When will the scripts of the plays be made available for rehearsal? Scripts will be available to reading hosts by mid to late October via PDF for rehearsal. Since they are new plays, please expect revisions. We have targeted two dates for our writers to deliver major revisions - November 1 and November 25. After that any revision will be minor.

    One of our local writers wrote for #ENOUGH but didn’t win. Can we include their play as part of our reading? Yes! 100%! ALSO, let our plays inspire creative responses from your community. Whether it’s by a local visual artist, musician, dancer, or spoken word poet: let the art that we’re sharing inspire homegrown art that speaks directly to your community. Amplify your community’s part in the #ENOUGH conversation by posting these contributions to social media and tag us. We want to see what you make!

    FAQs on CASTING for the Reading ...


    What are the casting requirements? A few of the characters are adults, most of them are young people. None of the plays have more than 6 characters. You can cast your actors in multiple plays but we strongly urge you to cast the younger characters age-appropriately. Also, you will be asked to adhere to our playwright’s casting requirements when it comes to a character’s race/ethnicity when specified, but are encouraged to cast actors of all backgrounds for all other roles. You can preview the casting breakdown HERE (casting requirements subject to change).

    What if we struggle to meet the casting requirements? We get that, and our playwrights have worked to make their plays as accommodating as possible. However, two of the plays - TOGETHA and GHOST GUN - are explicitly about the gun violence/culture in relation to the Black experience. The casting requirements for these plays are non-negotiable. Still, we don't want your organization not to participate because you're afraid you can't cast one of the plays, nor can you elect to not do one of the plays. Here are some options:

    1. The first would be that while your theatre department might not be diverse enough at the moment to cast certain roles, this can be a perfect opportunity to reach out to your school or community at large to invite BIPOC (Black Indigenous People of Color) individuals and their perspective.

    2. If you are opting to do a digital reading (as many are), here's an exciting opportunity: you could reach out to a neighboring school that might have a more diverse population in their theatre department and your reading can be a collaboration between 2 or more communities.

    3. This option is pending approval, but we might be able to provide the recording of the above plays from our digital Broadway On Demand production to supplement your reading. This is TBD, but a last resort option. We'd encourage you to find the talent locally if you can.


    FAQs on MISC. Reading-related items...

    Who is participating in the readings so far? That list is growing! We'll be adding readings as they are confirmed to the map on the Reading page.

    If we have an idea for our community engagement pieces (the community dialogue or the action item) do we need to get them approved by #ENOUGH? While we want to know what you are doing so that we can share among other reading hosts, you don’t need our permission! As long as it’s dealing somehow with the issue of gun violence in your community and its student driven, we are thrilled with whatever awesome ideas you cook up! Every community is different, and everyone has different resources and needs. Think of #ENOUGH as a bit of a ‘choose your own adventure’. Outside of the unifying component of the reading itself, we want you to use this opportunity to come together and address YOUR community’s specific needs when it comes to gun violence. Be bold. Be brave. Kick ass.

    Anything else we should consider? At the heart of this project is providing a platform for youth voices and the more young people can be at the center of planning and carrying out your reading and any connected events, the better. Consider the reading as an opportunity for the talented young people you serve to step up as leaders with your guidance. Give them ownership of the event.



    Still have a question? Email us and we'll be happy to help answer it!

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    Broadway on Demand (BOD) Digital Premiere


    What is Broadway on Demand (BOD)? Broadway On Demand is the premiere streaming service offering an extensive and wide-ranging library of video on demand content, exclusive livestream events, interactive platforms, and educational resources.


    What is the #ENOUGH's BOD Digital Premiere? The BOD Digital Premiere is a collaboration that spans multiple major theatres across the continental U.S. Alliance Theatre, Arizona Theatre Company, Berkeley Repertory Theatre, Goodman Theatre, South Coast Repertory, and Orlando Repertory Theatre will each be presenting a digital version of the #ENOUGH plays for the online-streaming service Broadway On Demand.

    Is the Digital Premiere still available? #ENOUGH concluded its streaming on December 20 and is not currently available.


    Still have a question? Email us and we'll be happy to help answer it!

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